Friday, June 11, 2010

The Cliché & The Solution

STATUTORY WARNING: This blogpost is only for guys. Girls are not supposed to read this, for your own good. Hell, no one listens to me, you're gonna read it anyway! Reasons to as to why girls shouldn't be reading this, will be clear by the end.

What do you do when your girl tells you that you are like all other men? Ask her how many men she's known? Hardly, unless you want to end it with her that is. What do you do when your girl tells you that she isn't beautiful? She surely is fishing for compliments, and you need to do something to pass the test! But what?

Its become some kind of a fashion I guess to categorize all men into a single category. Apparently yeah, all men fall under a single category, how there can be only one category to 'categorize' is a mystery though. You hear the Film heroines using the line on the cute *innocent* unsuspecting hero, you hear you wife, girlfriend, or in some cases, both using it on you, you can also see the vamps from telly-land philosophise that a seduction is all that is needed to corrupt the normally 'Patnivrata Pati' and get him to do as she pleases.

She probably is right. But that's besides the point. Man-kind likes it when Women-kind think that he is different from the rest of Men-kind. Yeah, I know I suck. Yes we do like looking at beautiful chicks, yes we bay at the moon when we spot one, yes we don't normally listen to girls when they talk stuff, we think about beautiful chicks or imagine the day when Roger Federer defeats Rafael Nadal in a French Open Final, but we are inherently different! How, I don't know, so please refrain from asking.

Guys mean it, in most cases, when they say that their girl is beautiful. At least they appear to be when we are in 'love' with them. So its not done when they say that you are like all other men and that she isn't beautiful. But guys, fret not. The solution is here. You can, now, use the two clichés that women use to your advantage. This is what you tell your girl.

STATEMENT 1: All guys are the same.
STATEMENT 2: You are like all other guys.
STATEMENT 3: All guys like only beautiful girls.
STATEMENT 4: I like you.

From STATEMENT 1, 2, 3 and 4, You are beautiful. Hence Proved.

Simple enough right? Sure to bring a smile on her face, or a bump at the back of your head. Do try and tell me the results. And yeah, I now hold a Creative Commons licence, so if you do use this, you have to attribute it to me, else I'll sue you. And yeah, I'd expect all the men out there in world to thank me for the solution. You're Welcome in advance.

All the girls out there who've read it already, too bad for you and your guy, if ever he uses my li'l logic on you. I've always found that a sad joke is the best (worst?) when its least expected.

P.S: I've started enrolling 'students' for my very original Flirt with P.Js classes. Batches fast filling, enrol now to avoid disappointments.
P.P.S: And I wonder why am still single.


  1. good it for the first time......
    U shud be executed for them....
    Awesome blog.continue writtin.

  2. i just have one question:
    what in the world inspire ur lazy-ass brain to write about a thing abt vich u never even talked about in the twenty seven months ive known u...
    P.S.:u also should have included single guys in your stupid warning up dere...
    and ur not allowed to answer "boredom"...i know u,dats ur excuse to every gay thing uve done uptil now...