Monday, June 7, 2010

Environmentally Irrelevant

Ok, its been a long time since I've blogged. I haven't been too busy, I've just been plain lazy. For those who've read my blog earlier, I'd already promised that I might blog at infrequent intervals, my moods the reason. Anyway, am not really sure anyone checks this stuff that regularly that people missed me, nonetheless, am back.

It was World Environment Day two days back, and the papers were abuzz with ways to go green, save the environment, plant trees, make gold from crap, etc. etc. But then how many of us give a damn? Quite few, judging by the way things are going around. I figured we needed reasons far more than our environment to get us into the Conservation mode. Environment can go take a crap, we need better reasons. Here they are.

  • Use CFL Bulbs instead of the normal ones. So that you can look at the curves *wink wink* when you are bored.
  • Use mechanical pencils instead of the wooden ones. They look cooler. And kids always have a fantasy of using pens. This is as close as it can get.
  • All the smokers, use a lighter instead of a matchstick. It'll be just like movies, the cool Zippo lighters and the awesome click sound, bound to make your smoking experience better (Lame, but i couldn't think of a better reason).
  • Set up you study table beside a window. You can watch all the hot girls/guys passing by the window, and if you are  more of the arty kind, enjoy the scenic view and the birds and the trees around and get inspired to write poems like Shelly or Keats.
  • Plant trees and flowers. Lots of reasons. If the view outside your study table has no trees, plant them to help you get inspired to write romantic poems about nature. A rose bush at home will mean lesser expenses while trying to woo your girl with flowers, or while trying to get her back to talk to you.
  • Convince your boss to let you wear casuals to work and skip the tie, at least in the summers. You can tell him its much more comfortable, it'll increase your efficiency, clothes don't make a man, his work defines him. He will surely agree when you tell him it'll reduce his A/C bills in the summer. Whats in it for you, you might feel like you are back in college, get nostalgic and dreamy, do less work, blame it on the summer, AND the office babe might just notice you and ask you out for a coffee.
  • Walk small distances. You might meet an old acquaintance, or the new girl-next-door. Way to go!!
  • Last but not the least, collect your farts and burn them in your gas stove. You'll save fuel and money. Yeah, I ran out of funny ideas and came up with a disgusting one. But believe it or not, researchers are actually planning to do just that on cows. The methane they produce is huge, valuable if collected, and highly polluting if not.

So all you guys who think conservation is boring, and you anyway wont be living when the world becomes a frying pan, think again. There are reasons, GOOD reasons actually as to why you must try and save the environment.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I guess I lost the plot. I should get back to not blogging. The piece is lame, and not really funny, but you must understand that I am bored, and in  the middle of my examination. If any of you plan to jail me, This post is sure gonna help me prove my Insanity plea. So it wasn't that useless after all. Cheerio!

P.S: I've entered this post for the BlogAdda contest,in association with Pringoo for the Environment day.


  1. first of all da 3rd last point was totally gay..
    secondly dont worry about da degree of disgust...i mean dis was fuckin trash compared to my chicken mexicana post on fb....

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  3. *Wonders why hoping the office BABE (and not office BABA) will ask you out is gay*
    Anyway, that is a valid point, and an employee union did implement the no-tie-in summer system this summer.It was in the newspaper.

    Sure. I'll see to it.

  4. hey that's a really cool perspective! kudos!!