Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thinking Out Loud

The Third semester exams in around 10 days time, and a guy called Ramchandra, starts thinking.

Well, I really don't know whats gotten into me..I felt like writing something today..maybe its just because my blog is new and i really want to try and make it seem active or something..whatever the reason.

Anyway, the thing that is bothering me these days is the amount of time i am wasting on stuff which are useless, this blog for one. I don't know what is wrong with me, i was never this laid back when it came to my final exams, ok i never studied regularly, but i at least got a bit serious as the examinations approached.

Reasons for my inactivity or my lack of interest? Well i could give many if i wanted to, but the thing is that there can't be a valid reason. Who'll give a shit as to why my grades went down? Rohit told me that day not give reasons..he said, "You have none but yourself to blame". I agree, but what have i done after that? Nothing!! I need to realize that my future is in my hands..I will make it or break it..and at least for now, I think its going down the drain.

As i am writing this whole thing, I realize what an irony all this is. Here i am admonishing myself and telling myself that i am not studying enough and am on the path to destruction, while I've placed my bums on my revolving chair, which for your information needs a bit of cleaning and repairing to be done (umm..very irrelevant i know, but the blog IS about Irrelevant Thoughts), doing just what i aught not to be doing - Wasting Time.

Its a shame that I need to waste my time to make my self realize that i am wasting time..if that makes sense to anyone please tell me..I just hope that i do go to the library and study the rest of the day..and i don't need to tell my self to study henceforth.

Half an hour wasted, and as I am finishing this off, I guess a teeny-weeny bit in my brain is feeling an emotion of guilt. So with a guilt ridden conscience, I take leave and I wish myself luck, for i plan to spend at least four hours today doing what I should be doing..Studying.

The revolving chair (which needs cleaning and repairing), revolves as I shout out to Mum,"Please switch on the Television and bring me my lunch, I am really hungry and i want to watch India thrash Sri Lanka."

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Here it goes..

Years after people first started blogging, I join in now. I did create a blog two years back, but I was too lazy to place myself on a chair and type in things which people may or may not have read. Now after all this time, I think its not for the people that I want to write things, its not going to be a medium for me to convey my thoughts to people, its a place where I would like to type in things which I find interesting, and a place to organize my thoughts and introspect..more like thinking out loud.

Don't know if I'll continue blogging for long, or if this will be my last post..It might well be. You see, I lose interest in things quite soon..

Until I get into one of my preachy moods, or I get tired of things around me, or feel this random urge to write an idiotic rhyming verse..I wont see this page on my computer screen again.