Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thinking Out Loud

The Third semester exams in around 10 days time, and a guy called Ramchandra, starts thinking.

Well, I really don't know whats gotten into me..I felt like writing something today..maybe its just because my blog is new and i really want to try and make it seem active or something..whatever the reason.

Anyway, the thing that is bothering me these days is the amount of time i am wasting on stuff which are useless, this blog for one. I don't know what is wrong with me, i was never this laid back when it came to my final exams, ok i never studied regularly, but i at least got a bit serious as the examinations approached.

Reasons for my inactivity or my lack of interest? Well i could give many if i wanted to, but the thing is that there can't be a valid reason. Who'll give a shit as to why my grades went down? Rohit told me that day not give reasons..he said, "You have none but yourself to blame". I agree, but what have i done after that? Nothing!! I need to realize that my future is in my hands..I will make it or break it..and at least for now, I think its going down the drain.

As i am writing this whole thing, I realize what an irony all this is. Here i am admonishing myself and telling myself that i am not studying enough and am on the path to destruction, while I've placed my bums on my revolving chair, which for your information needs a bit of cleaning and repairing to be done (umm..very irrelevant i know, but the blog IS about Irrelevant Thoughts), doing just what i aught not to be doing - Wasting Time.

Its a shame that I need to waste my time to make my self realize that i am wasting time..if that makes sense to anyone please tell me..I just hope that i do go to the library and study the rest of the day..and i don't need to tell my self to study henceforth.

Half an hour wasted, and as I am finishing this off, I guess a teeny-weeny bit in my brain is feeling an emotion of guilt. So with a guilt ridden conscience, I take leave and I wish myself luck, for i plan to spend at least four hours today doing what I should be doing..Studying.

The revolving chair (which needs cleaning and repairing), revolves as I shout out to Mum,"Please switch on the Television and bring me my lunch, I am really hungry and i want to watch India thrash Sri Lanka."


  1. wow, I've never seen anyone ponder so much over wasting any case, STUDY!Seriously, don't screw up ur grades (OK, I know that sounded very motherly, bt guess it's the aftermath of givin a really rotten exam myself :P)

  2. Dude...good to see u for the studies shit...well im in the same boat...but u noe what...i really dont give a damn nowadays... slogging ur ass off for so long just for a measly grade doesnt seem to be worth it...i mean I dont want this conversation to happen 15 yrs down the line:

    My son:Dad?
    Me: Yeah?
    Son:How did u spend ur college life?
    Me:I studied beta
    Son(thinks):God dats so lame :|

  3. Very extremely pathetic state of life :P
    no worries ,
    same boat :)
    bas we just hope ki yeh boat dooooob na jaye :)