Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Here it goes..

Years after people first started blogging, I join in now. I did create a blog two years back, but I was too lazy to place myself on a chair and type in things which people may or may not have read. Now after all this time, I think its not for the people that I want to write things, its not going to be a medium for me to convey my thoughts to people, its a place where I would like to type in things which I find interesting, and a place to organize my thoughts and introspect..more like thinking out loud.

Don't know if I'll continue blogging for long, or if this will be my last post..It might well be. You see, I lose interest in things quite soon..

Until I get into one of my preachy moods, or I get tired of things around me, or feel this random urge to write an idiotic rhyming verse..I wont see this page on my computer screen again.



  1. Maybe what ur doing isnt what u wanna do and the other thing that ur doing "writing" is probably what u Do wanna do..!! confused?! neva mind..!!
    Maybe u need one Jhatka to come back to ur senses (if studies are what u really wanna do) and most of the people need one (psychological perspective)
    Keep blogging and writing..! Even if no one else reads it.. I'll make sure i do .. i have a selfish motive though.. getting into ur mind ;)

  2. Can i spam your blog with links to my blog??? :P :P

  3. and u better follow my blog too!!!!

  4. @ Prerna
    I did not understand a word..maybe i am a little too stupid.And I will keep on blogging, hopefully.

    @ Ishan
    Sure can do that in the sure you wont be getting many visitors from my blog at least..we are in the same boat. But if i do manage to get people into reading my blog, i'll sue you for spamming :P