Thursday, December 3, 2009

Confessions of a Nomophobic

I've been depressed all this time, since the moment you have forsaken me, been thinking about you all the time..Please come back to me soon..Please don't leave me alone in this cruel world..I need you..You've known all my secrets..I can't survive without you..Please come back!

No, I am not calling out to a girl who's left me (For your information, I am single, no wonder you say? I heard! )..its my phone.


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Nomophobia is the fear of being out of mobile phone contact. The term, an abbreviation for "no-mobile-phone phobia", was coined during a study by the UK Post Office who commissioned YouGov, a UK-based research organisation to look at anxieties suffered by mobile phone users.
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Its been a week, or more maybe now, lost track, since my phone switched off. It firmly refuses to budge from its position and switch on. At first I just thought that it was behaving shy and coy, teasing me, playing hard to get and gaining pleasure out of my increasingly growing discomfort. I tried poking and prodding, I tried being gentle, I even tried whispering sweet nothings but alas it was not to be. My phone, it seems was annoyed with my constant use, misuse more rightly, and shut shop.

It seems that my phone will not work without the replacement of its motherboard, which unfortunately doesn't come cheap. My depleted coffers and dad's refusal to fund the repairs left me in a lurch for almost a week. After so long, I've found myself a financer, a dear friend of mine, and have gone ahead with the repairs. My woes haven't ended yet, as the phone would be delivered to me only after a week or two.

Now you may ask me, what's the big deal..I would've done the same if it wasn't my phone and if this happened to someone about a year or two back. You see, I didn't have a phone back then to get addicted to.

Have things changed? No, if you look at the broader perspective. But if you do own a phone, and you use it for more than just what it was actually made for, to call people, you will sympathize with me. Well, I for one, miss my phone a lot..I miss my earphones when I am out to solve Mathematical problems, I miss it when things get boring while studying, I miss playing Worms 2007..ah I can go on. I miss chatting with friends, calling them up, boring them or venting my spleen on them for no fault of theirs, I miss texting from bed, I miss typing idiotic verses and sending them out to people only to get back a few abuses and a rare response telling me that it was the best piece of shit that they've ever read (Ok, I am exaggerating, no ones ever said that, that doesn't discourage me though) I miss writing notes on the cell, which incidentally are irrelevant..You know what I mean?

I just wish this nightmare would end..soon. I seriously don't fancy a life without a phone, though I've lived most part of my life without it (18 years to be precise). Thats what a cell phone does to the addiction worse than a cigarette? Alas i can't tell, that still is an unknown territory for me. Any young researchers out there who need to examine a live specimen of a nomophobic without a phone, facing his worst fears, just knock on my door.

For all the people out there who live life in constant fear, the ones who are afraid of birds to the ones afraid of bees, just have a look at me. I am living life in constant agony, but have not given up. I hope to live and see a day when I'll overcome my fears..and enjoy life with all you dears..(that rhymed!).

As I end this post (I've got to study you see, they wont postpone my exams and gimme time to mourn the loss of my phone..the insensitive University!), all i hope is that this doesn't happen to anyone in this world..You too Ishan, I can finally empathize with you. Even if it does happen, I hope that getting funds wont be as problematic for you as it was for me (I've added AdSense now if you've noticed..hoping that it'll help me generate funds to get rid of my 

Wishing my phone a speedy recovery, and hoping that there wont be a next time, and even if there is, hoping it won't burn a huge hole in my pocket, I sign off..Till my next Irrelevant Thought..cya

P.S: Don't you think I hope for a lot sometimes, the last paragraph a case in hand?
P.P.S: Methinks this is the lamest post on the internet :|
P.P.P.S: If you really read whole of the trash written up there, I salute gotta be more jobless than me man!


  1. no wonder my mssg never got delivered, had mssged u my new no. And funny that u din't even use a cell till 12th...who would have thunk?:P

  2. 1. Salute me!!
    2. I miss ur stupid idiotic texts!! :P

  3. *Salutes both Krittika and Prerna*

  4. i hav myslf, jobless! and by the way, yu got yur cell bck kya??