Sunday, December 20, 2009


What do you do when you aren't able to sleep at night and your school days and friends run around in your head?

I've been feeling quite lost and lonely from some days now, and was looking back at all things said and done, promises made and broken, friendships forged and friendships forgotten..I've been in touch with most of my good friends after leaving school, but for reasons unknown, some of us have drifted apart..

Yesterday night at 12.30 am, hey wait, today morning at 12.30 am, when I couldn't sleep, I wrote a poem for one of my usual, its kinda lame and idiotic. Please bear with me.

Here is a poem about my friend P.S,
I hope your life isn't in a complete Mess.

He used to sit in front of me in class,
How I wish we were separated by a glass.

Look back, He would, to me annoy,
Talking in a hiss was his favorite ploy.

All I thought he did was sleep and eat,
But in mimicry, he did most beat.

Once we went to school to play football in the vacation,

Most others had gone away outstation.

Rohit, me and he, we all came in 'Chaddis',
But he and me felt like 'Kabab main Haddis',

Cause Rohit played quit good football,
And the two of us were feeling rather small.

Feeling small was quite a task for this foodie,
Cause he ate whatever, whenever he felt moody.

With the crows this guy is a huge hit,
And pelt him they do with all their shit.

Now though we do not meet quite as often,
But I wont ever forget all the fun,

That we had back in Standard Ten,
Oh how I wish to go back there again!

Well, I miss the school days..and everything associated with school..friends, teachers, the canteen, everything..wish we had a re-union, a proper one, sometime soon so that I can tell the ones who are out of touch, Mate, I still do remember you. To the ones in touch, I do not need to tell anything, they already know (at least I hope they do).