Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Demons..

Was listening to Illusion and Dream, by Poets Of The Fall sometime back. I sink into thought every time i hear it.

I've got no hand in matters worldly, I hardly care at all
What's going on fails to concern me, Cos I'm locked behind my wall
But you know what drives me out
Out of my mind..

..Its people who seek approval. The ones who think twenty times as to how they are going to be perceived before doing any thing. The ones who kill their dreams and aspirations because it is not what others want. The ones who live for others. The ones who forget themselves and be what others want them to be, and not what they want to be. I pity you, you moron. You live for yourself, not for your parents, or your friends, or your wife, or your family..Its about you..not them.

And worse than this, its people who try to make you live for them. The ones who try and influence you. The ones who think that you can't think. The ones who direct you to do things because they feel its what the world thinks is right..its what the world wants. To heck with the world I say..if you gotta tell me something, tell me what you think is right, and please don't expect me to believe that its right. I decide what is right for me, I decide for myself..You can't decide for me..

..If I speak ill, please, humor me
Won't rant on endlessly
Just thought I'd try to make you see...

..This is what i believe in. Listen to people, think over what they've said, then do what you believe is right. Never ever believe that your ideas are the best..they are, only for you though, but maybe not for everyone else..speak your mind when asked, but don't expect others to see what you see. They won't always. And when they don't, don't force them to..Its their life..let them live live yours..

..So can you name your demon?
Understand its scheming
I raise my glass and say "here's to you"
Can you chase your demon?
Or will it take your freedom?
I raise my class and say "here's to you"

I've got no hand... 

P.S: It might sound as if I am quoting Ayn Rand from The Fountainhead. I am echoing quite a lot of her thoughts. Read the book.


  1. Agreed mate,

    This world is too full of people who have no mind of their own. They do what they are told to do, they think what are told to think. They eat what they are fed. They lap it all up without considering to question it, all trapped in their little minds by the whirlpool of herd mentality.

    Shite title btw.

  2. The title,Well I didn't really think for one..The song says 'Can you name your Demon?' here it is..My Demons..