Monday, December 7, 2009

Here Come The Examinations..

Soo..after about a month of pseudo-preparations, and four days of proper preparation, the day arrives tomorrow. Four more days like tomorrow, interspersed with some holidays, loads of them actually, and I'll be done with my Third semester.

So what's going on in my mind? Definitely not Thermodynamics at the moment. Am just sitting here and making idiotic observations, writing stupid verses and cracking the most unfunny jokes which I am finding hilarious! Its the One-Day-Before-Exam sure even you suffered it sometime or the other in life.

I just couldn't help myself..I gotta tell you one of the poems I made just now (Yeah, I made more than one, and you'll be thanking me after you read the first one cause i didn't type in the rest).Here goes..

You are the apple of my eye,
Oh my dear sweetie pie.

Whenever i see you smile,
I get transported to the land of Nile.

Where is see myself as a Pharaoh,
Hunting down the goons chasing you with an Arrow.

But I need to get back to my own Nation,
As I have to give a stupid Examination.

So please don't mind me not slaying the goons,
In return I'll give you a thousand boons!

Ain't i fantastic? I know I know..i just hope that my One-Day-Before-Exam Syndrome doesn't spill over tomorrow, and I write relevant and correct stuff in the answer paper, instead of Idiotic poems and jokes.

Please don't worry about more time to spend,
As this Idiotic post is about to End!


  1. LOL thats the shittiest poem , but funny indeed
    Good luck on your exams Ramu :) get off the internet and actually PREPARE for the exams!!!!

  2. That poem was so crap that in the wrong hands it can be more dangerous than all the nuclear missiles in the world put together.

  3. @ Reshka
    Thanks for the wishes!

    @ Rohit
    Lol..mate, i think your hands are quite safe..i'll keep sending idiotic poems as and when i write them for safekeeping :P

  4. seriously?! i really really am.. speechless.. whats with u?! who r u?! :O