Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New Year Resolutions

In the nineteen years of my highly uneventful life, I was yet to make these "New Year Resolutions". Now since I am very bored and jobless...AND I have a blog where in I have nothing else to write at the moment, here goes.



If you understood, proceed to step III. If not,
STEP I: Read a bit more Physics.
STEP II: Read the post again.
STEP III: Curse my wonderful brain.

Grow your nose-hair in ringlets.
NOTE TO SELF: Try and break the record for the largest nose-hair ringlet ever. If such a record doesn't exist, create it.

Do not break Resolution #5

Break Resolution #4

STEP I: Try and figure it out. Trust me..its fun when you've got nothing to do.
STEP II: Curse my wonderful brain.

Stop asking people to curse your wonderful brain.
NOTE TO SELFAsk them to worship it.

Beat this years load-shedding by making candles out of your earwax.
NOTE TO SELF: Sell candles if in excess. Extra revenue always welcome. Advertise on Blog.

Be a bit more serious in life.
NOTE TO SELF: Rephrase. Be a bit more like Sirius in life.
NOTE FOR READER: Stop racking your brains if you don't know anything about Harry Potter.

Make no more resolutions.
NOTE TO SELF: People would be very thankful right now.

Break no Resolution.
NOTE TO SELF: Ironic, after having made resolution #9.

Be happy that you are the one writing this, and not the one reading it.
NOTE TO SELF: Resolution unneeded. You already are. Poor souls, the ones reading this.

This is Final..I promise!
1440 by 900.
NOTE TO SELF: Prepare to get assaulted.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


What do you do when you aren't able to sleep at night and your school days and friends run around in your head?

I've been feeling quite lost and lonely from some days now, and was looking back at all things said and done, promises made and broken, friendships forged and friendships forgotten..I've been in touch with most of my good friends after leaving school, but for reasons unknown, some of us have drifted apart..

Yesterday night at 12.30 am, hey wait, today morning at 12.30 am, when I couldn't sleep, I wrote a poem for one of my usual, its kinda lame and idiotic. Please bear with me.

Here is a poem about my friend P.S,
I hope your life isn't in a complete Mess.

He used to sit in front of me in class,
How I wish we were separated by a glass.

Look back, He would, to me annoy,
Talking in a hiss was his favorite ploy.

All I thought he did was sleep and eat,
But in mimicry, he did most beat.

Once we went to school to play football in the vacation,

Most others had gone away outstation.

Rohit, me and he, we all came in 'Chaddis',
But he and me felt like 'Kabab main Haddis',

Cause Rohit played quit good football,
And the two of us were feeling rather small.

Feeling small was quite a task for this foodie,
Cause he ate whatever, whenever he felt moody.

With the crows this guy is a huge hit,
And pelt him they do with all their shit.

Now though we do not meet quite as often,
But I wont ever forget all the fun,

That we had back in Standard Ten,
Oh how I wish to go back there again!

Well, I miss the school days..and everything associated with school..friends, teachers, the canteen, everything..wish we had a re-union, a proper one, sometime soon so that I can tell the ones who are out of touch, Mate, I still do remember you. To the ones in touch, I do not need to tell anything, they already know (at least I hope they do).

Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Demons..

Was listening to Illusion and Dream, by Poets Of The Fall sometime back. I sink into thought every time i hear it.

I've got no hand in matters worldly, I hardly care at all
What's going on fails to concern me, Cos I'm locked behind my wall
But you know what drives me out
Out of my mind..

..Its people who seek approval. The ones who think twenty times as to how they are going to be perceived before doing any thing. The ones who kill their dreams and aspirations because it is not what others want. The ones who live for others. The ones who forget themselves and be what others want them to be, and not what they want to be. I pity you, you moron. You live for yourself, not for your parents, or your friends, or your wife, or your family..Its about you..not them.

And worse than this, its people who try to make you live for them. The ones who try and influence you. The ones who think that you can't think. The ones who direct you to do things because they feel its what the world thinks is right..its what the world wants. To heck with the world I say..if you gotta tell me something, tell me what you think is right, and please don't expect me to believe that its right. I decide what is right for me, I decide for myself..You can't decide for me..

..If I speak ill, please, humor me
Won't rant on endlessly
Just thought I'd try to make you see...

..This is what i believe in. Listen to people, think over what they've said, then do what you believe is right. Never ever believe that your ideas are the best..they are, only for you though, but maybe not for everyone else..speak your mind when asked, but don't expect others to see what you see. They won't always. And when they don't, don't force them to..Its their life..let them live live yours..

..So can you name your demon?
Understand its scheming
I raise my glass and say "here's to you"
Can you chase your demon?
Or will it take your freedom?
I raise my class and say "here's to you"

I've got no hand... 

P.S: It might sound as if I am quoting Ayn Rand from The Fountainhead. I am echoing quite a lot of her thoughts. Read the book.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Here Come The Examinations..

Soo..after about a month of pseudo-preparations, and four days of proper preparation, the day arrives tomorrow. Four more days like tomorrow, interspersed with some holidays, loads of them actually, and I'll be done with my Third semester.

So what's going on in my mind? Definitely not Thermodynamics at the moment. Am just sitting here and making idiotic observations, writing stupid verses and cracking the most unfunny jokes which I am finding hilarious! Its the One-Day-Before-Exam sure even you suffered it sometime or the other in life.

I just couldn't help myself..I gotta tell you one of the poems I made just now (Yeah, I made more than one, and you'll be thanking me after you read the first one cause i didn't type in the rest).Here goes..

You are the apple of my eye,
Oh my dear sweetie pie.

Whenever i see you smile,
I get transported to the land of Nile.

Where is see myself as a Pharaoh,
Hunting down the goons chasing you with an Arrow.

But I need to get back to my own Nation,
As I have to give a stupid Examination.

So please don't mind me not slaying the goons,
In return I'll give you a thousand boons!

Ain't i fantastic? I know I know..i just hope that my One-Day-Before-Exam Syndrome doesn't spill over tomorrow, and I write relevant and correct stuff in the answer paper, instead of Idiotic poems and jokes.

Please don't worry about more time to spend,
As this Idiotic post is about to End!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Confessions of a Nomophobic

I've been depressed all this time, since the moment you have forsaken me, been thinking about you all the time..Please come back to me soon..Please don't leave me alone in this cruel world..I need you..You've known all my secrets..I can't survive without you..Please come back!

No, I am not calling out to a girl who's left me (For your information, I am single, no wonder you say? I heard! )..its my phone.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Nomophobia is the fear of being out of mobile phone contact. The term, an abbreviation for "no-mobile-phone phobia", was coined during a study by the UK Post Office who commissioned YouGov, a UK-based research organisation to look at anxieties suffered by mobile phone users.
Click here to go to the original Page on Wiki

Its been a week, or more maybe now, lost track, since my phone switched off. It firmly refuses to budge from its position and switch on. At first I just thought that it was behaving shy and coy, teasing me, playing hard to get and gaining pleasure out of my increasingly growing discomfort. I tried poking and prodding, I tried being gentle, I even tried whispering sweet nothings but alas it was not to be. My phone, it seems was annoyed with my constant use, misuse more rightly, and shut shop.

It seems that my phone will not work without the replacement of its motherboard, which unfortunately doesn't come cheap. My depleted coffers and dad's refusal to fund the repairs left me in a lurch for almost a week. After so long, I've found myself a financer, a dear friend of mine, and have gone ahead with the repairs. My woes haven't ended yet, as the phone would be delivered to me only after a week or two.

Now you may ask me, what's the big deal..I would've done the same if it wasn't my phone and if this happened to someone about a year or two back. You see, I didn't have a phone back then to get addicted to.

Have things changed? No, if you look at the broader perspective. But if you do own a phone, and you use it for more than just what it was actually made for, to call people, you will sympathize with me. Well, I for one, miss my phone a lot..I miss my earphones when I am out to solve Mathematical problems, I miss it when things get boring while studying, I miss playing Worms 2007..ah I can go on. I miss chatting with friends, calling them up, boring them or venting my spleen on them for no fault of theirs, I miss texting from bed, I miss typing idiotic verses and sending them out to people only to get back a few abuses and a rare response telling me that it was the best piece of shit that they've ever read (Ok, I am exaggerating, no ones ever said that, that doesn't discourage me though) I miss writing notes on the cell, which incidentally are irrelevant..You know what I mean?

I just wish this nightmare would end..soon. I seriously don't fancy a life without a phone, though I've lived most part of my life without it (18 years to be precise). Thats what a cell phone does to the addiction worse than a cigarette? Alas i can't tell, that still is an unknown territory for me. Any young researchers out there who need to examine a live specimen of a nomophobic without a phone, facing his worst fears, just knock on my door.

For all the people out there who live life in constant fear, the ones who are afraid of birds to the ones afraid of bees, just have a look at me. I am living life in constant agony, but have not given up. I hope to live and see a day when I'll overcome my fears..and enjoy life with all you dears..(that rhymed!).

As I end this post (I've got to study you see, they wont postpone my exams and gimme time to mourn the loss of my phone..the insensitive University!), all i hope is that this doesn't happen to anyone in this world..You too Ishan, I can finally empathize with you. Even if it does happen, I hope that getting funds wont be as problematic for you as it was for me (I've added AdSense now if you've noticed..hoping that it'll help me generate funds to get rid of my 

Wishing my phone a speedy recovery, and hoping that there wont be a next time, and even if there is, hoping it won't burn a huge hole in my pocket, I sign off..Till my next Irrelevant Thought..cya

P.S: Don't you think I hope for a lot sometimes, the last paragraph a case in hand?
P.P.S: Methinks this is the lamest post on the internet :|
P.P.P.S: If you really read whole of the trash written up there, I salute gotta be more jobless than me man!